President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa received a warm welcome from San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and other local officials when he touched down late Saturday night after a whirlwind trip across the country as he begins a very busy trip through California.

“Protocol is not about classism or oppression. Protocol is about respect.”

— Deanna Tryon

Deanna Tryon was 10 years old when the idea of a career in protocol was planted in her mind.

San Francisco native Deanna Tryon is Chief Officer of Protocol at the Los Altos-based Silicon Valley Office of Protocol.

Founded four years ago, the Silicon Valley Office of Protocol focuses on the Silicon Valley region, comprising 44 cities outside of San Francisco.

The loose hierarchy, jeans and T-shirt corporate culture of Silicon Valley could not be more distant from the fussy, protocol-driven world of foreign diplomacy.

When Deanna Tryon first started reaching out to Silicon Valley businesses and government agencies in early 2014, the response was frequently some variation of “what took you so long?”

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had already dined with Silicon Valley’s tech titans and toured Tesla Motors, and now Sunday he was sitting down for a talk with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Five feet wide and 30 feet long, the red carpet that Deanna Tryon delivered to Mineta San Jose International Airport on Friday is supposed to be a keeper.

The Silicon Valley Office of Protocol and Mineta San Jose International Airport conducted a series of cultural sensitivity training sessions for airport employees in advance of Hainan Airlines’ first nonstop flights from San Jose to Beijing, China, June 15.